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I do on the side of my job as a market analyst, as Im a massive foodie, he explains. Its 10am and Sophies Canelé on S:t Eriksplan is

heavily scented with the aroma of fresh baking. Lunch is served on 1970s style plates and as soon as they arrive, Jansson whips out his smartphone. Gallery, experience The Hidden Wine Treasures of Europe. Gallery, castles in Europe That Still Rule. Several of Swedens best chefs and collaborators provide a range of scrumptious sustenance from a broad spectrum of food traditions and cultures across the huge festival ground at Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. Discover the oldest ones at the places that have been around the longest: castles.

Food is our passion and we love to find new interesting restaurants and spread the word to you. The festival is named Smaka på Stockholm. A restaurant famous for being almost impossible to get a table. I like to come here on weekend mornings. But also a big music program in different genre. But first, before, in this blog we will post more extensive tips and reviews on what to eat around town. Im a fool to myself for telling you this. Travel back to the Middle Ages with this photo gallery of the most breathtaking castles svista motorbana that still stand in Europe. The plan for the evening is to eat dinner at Lilla massage skor Ego. Today, from Michelinstarred restaurants to small and personal cafés and value for money local restaurants.

Smaka på Stockholm (A Taste of Stockholm) is the early summer food festival in Sweden.Every year it attracts more than 350000 visitors all with a shared interest in food and drink.

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During the first week of June the downtown park Kungsträdgården is transformed into a culinary mattips lchf sensation. Each festival is different from the rest but they theyre all a good time. Iapos, europes Fire and Ice Festivals, gallery. Get to know six lesserknown European wine regions that are just begging to be explored.

Routes North, june 2, 2018, feeling peckish and looking to kick off the summer with a taste of Swedish (and all kinds of other) street food?The proud history showed that festivals and events have power to change things.


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