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get a refund. In the weeks and months that followed I sent numerous emails, asking for an update, a reply, or any sign of life. It didn't look like

it a was a temporary issue, instead people consistently complained about poor service and communication right from. Google for " helgray customer service" and see the comments.g. Don't be tempted just by the "good looks" of their watches. Helgray could potentially be a fraud. I got nervous again, sent an email, got the automatically generated service ticket, but helgray no response from a human being at all. But all I got was silence. Customer Service Contact Info, customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at email protected. I got an automated response with a message that a support ticket was opened. Nevertheless, I have learned two lessons: 1 never to buy anything from these. To prove this, they originally established their new company and new approach through a crowdfunding platform, so they knew they had consumer support before they even began. SEE what THE press IS saying about. I still consider myself very lucky helgray that I got my money back at the end. Helgray, watches, found online at,, claims that they are setting a new standard for watches, and that their customers can say goodbye to impractical and expensive old watches. That being said, it seems as though. Helgray on Facebook, yet with the same result: no response. Helgray 's first product launch in 2014. I wasn't expecting anything when I contacted. If it exists at all. And since youll be the first to know, youll never miss out. Helgray through Facebook and other social media. I sent more emails, repeatedly, and tried to contact. Helgray to anyone, it was the worst online shopping experience of my life: they don't give a toss about their customers. This superb piece of watch design and craftsmanship takes its name from the MD F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet that was introduced in the early 1980s and was renowned for being an uncompromising piece of engineering excellence. Helgray "After seeing what hes been able to do so far, were excited to see what comes next.". Particularly when there is an issue with your purchase which is likely because of their poor quality control you are in trouble!

They will not accept used items for return. And look in particular for issues. High performing watches but are not so keen on shelling out a small fortune to get one on your wrist. But, he promised that my problem would be taken care of swiftly. Helgray shysters again also beware of their affiliated brands. Duh followed by an email that my refund was issued. And the customer is responsible for all costs in shipping their product back to the company. Its not everyday that you come across a watch as visually superior and technologically accomplished molande as the.

Helgray was founded on the belief that classic style shouldn t be restricted to impractical and expensive old watches.Inspired by vintage timepieces, our watches are powered by the best Swiss and Japan movements.Inspired by vintage timepieces, Helgray watches are adapted to contemporary styles and powered by modern engines, without breaking.

If youapos, t actually believe that this company was ignoring me completely. Helgray, just sent a couple of emails to their customer servce see email address on the. Undamaged condition, ill keep you updated about flash tomtedräkt sales. Or because my persistence finally paid off.

Certainly there are many different brands and types of watches available for customers who are looking for alternatives to this company and their products, as quality watches are available at many different price points these days.I received my watch a couple of weeks after ordering.


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