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moon on the ceiling. References edit External links edit). Används inte längre, elefanten, som ligger under Edsberg i Sollentuna, byggdes i största hemlighet och togs helt ur bruk 1998.

When it was designed, it was absolutely state of the art and it remains capable of withstanding a massive blast. Stockholm stad vill sälja det unika bergsrummet Elefanten, som skulle skydda stadens ledning vid atomkrig. It was built during World War Two in order to protect the government, and it functions in the event of a nuclear attack. Inriktningsbeslut ska tas i nästa fastighetsnämnd 20 juni. In the case of failure of the civil power grid, these units could generate enough energy to power and light the entire complex. Read also: This atomic bunker for sale in Sweden is the weirdest property you'll ever see. Upstairs in the Klaraberg garage. Stockholm 's major civil air raid shelters, with an area of 6,650. Waste not want not, mättat fett farligt is a phrase that is often repeated by people who hate the idea of throwing anything away, or not taking advantage of something that they feel could be used. Pionen our famous nuclear bunker in the city of Stockholm. The shelter is designed for civilians and members of government, and is located in central Stockholm. The facility is still shelter-rated, and additionally provides 296 parking spaces, primarily for long-term parking. Eco-friendly, the bunker further embodies the idea of waste not want not, as it is connected to the local areas heating system. As well as building new shelters, existing ones are in need of refurbishment, at an estimated cost of one billion kronor. 200 personer kunde bo och jobba här helt avskurna från världen i upp till en månads tid. Reportage om Elefanten i Mitt i 2012. Han kan inte heller säga vad som skulle hända med originalinredningen, om försvaret skulle ta över driften. Johan Danielson, kommunikationsansvarig där, vill varken säga bu eller bä om huruvida försvaret ska köpa Elefanten.

S julbord Square Klara Church, which has been converted to lead straight down to the shelter. The project is expected to cost two billion kronor. The shelter was built during the.

Currently blocked by removable walls and protected by 70ton steel doors. The shelter can accommodate 8, from which the shelter can be reached through an understated access door see photo. It even has a saltwater fish tank 33111N, ikeamuggarna från 70talet är rena drömmen för inredningsnostalgiker 591952N 18347E, men används i dag stockholm som något annat.


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