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one consortium through Professor Belén Martín-Matute from the Department of Organic Chemistry. Vanda Aronsson has been awarded a prize for her thesis Vanda Aronsson, our colleague and former master

student, has been awarded the prize "Utmärkt arbetsmiljöuppsats" (excellent thesis about work environment) by AFA Försäkring and Prevent. They particularly stress the role of the interplay between large-scale carbon- and water cycles in the Arctic permafrost carbon feedback. The decision on carbon offsetting was made by the Vice-Chancellor at the end of 2015 and was based on an investigation carried out by the Universitys environmental coordinator in 2015. Updated map of ocean floors A new active way friskvård version of the General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (gebco) is now available. Adnan Mahmutović, lecturer at the Department of English and writer, proves how valuable it can. The study is published, ahead of print, in the journal Science. The dilemma of human enhancement, and the dangers and pitfalls of using science to enable us to live forever, was discussed in the latest episode of the academic talk show Crosstalks. Meet the speakers during the mingle after the conference. Axions are hypothetical particles proposed by Frank Wilczek who this year started his appointment as professor at Stockholm University. The majority of Watch interactions (20) come from time checking. Attempted phishing through fake emails from Danske Bank Theres a fake email going around claiming to be from Danske Bank. Video: Expedition Arctic Ocean 2018 The preparations for the expedition to the Arctic are in full progress. Or do you just want to peek inside the laboratories of our elliptical Alfa and Gamma buildings? Environmental researchers enter the stage How are people supposed to understand what is happening to our planet? However, the extent of this reinforcing effect has been heatedly debated over the years. Rebecca Empson on her stay as Guest Researcher in the Department Dr Rebecca Empson, Department of Anthropology, University College London, has been a Guest Researcher in the Department of Social Anthropology this autumn. Management visits to several countries in the region have been organised alongside recruitment activities in order to make contacts, develop relationships, meet students, and learn more for further collaboration. Small crustaceans help us assess the effects of pollution and oxygen deficiency in the Baltic sea Two of the most pressing environmental problems in the Baltic Sea are pollution and oxygen deficiency. Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Science Communication for. The study is the first of its kind to follow people from healthy ageing to dementia, focusing on olfactory impairment. Love Ekenberg appointed as icde Chair Professor Love Ekenberg at Stockholm University is appointed as icde Chair for large-scale higher education in sub-Saharan Africa. Hydroacoustic equipment for University researchers A scientific hydroacoustic equipment is now available for researchers at Stockholm University. EU Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 Jonas Tallberg, Lisa. Prehistoric population patterns subject of new research project Researchers from Stockholm University and Uppsala University are to undertake a six-year interdisciplinary research project investigating prehistoric population patterns using genetic data from 400 prehistoric individuals. They help you develop as a teacher The Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching organises courses and workshops to help university teachers develop their skills. Stockholm University 86 in the world within Physical sciences Stockholm University is found at position 86 in Physical sciences in the newly released Times Higher Education World University Rankings by subject. Baltic Nest Institute at the Stockholm University Baltic Sea centre continues to play an important role, providing the best available scientific knowledge. You may wonder why there is an empty area on the entrance floor, outside Bergdahlrummet at the library. The plan aims to put Stockholm Universitys strategies into practice. Artificial intelligence was in focus in the last episode of the academic talk show Crosstalks, now available. The goal is to develop an EU-wide system where users get help adapting to the conditions of the labor market, focusing on non-cognitive abilities. Hello there, Head of the Finance Office! New department of public health science On, a new department will be established at the Faculty of Social Sciences the Department of Public Health Science Networking with active way friskvård international alumni Stockholm University is currently making an effort to stay in contact with international alumni.

The number two influenser is Johan Rockström. The verdict determines the Stockholm City Councilapos. Meeting international students in ikea Singapore, first seminar in new Forum for Transnational Migration Research Welcome to the inauguration of the seminar series in Forum for Transnational Migration Research on February. Sociology at Stockholm University in the top tjejer 50 in the world for the sixth year in a row Sociology at our department continues to rank high in the top 100 list QS World University Rankings by Subject. S decision on the plan for Albano. Unique text discovered in language research programme Only a few researchers in the past hundred years have discovered new texts written by the church father Augustine. Istanbul and Shanghai Meeting students who are interested in studying with us is one of our favourite activities during the year.

The annual Service survey is on its way IT Services measures customer satisfaction every year through a web based survey.Two of these Visiting Professorships will be active at Stockholm University.

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The State of Open Data Report golvlampa The lecture is free and open for public. This result was discovered during the traditional measurement of Kebnekaise. Illona Riipinen, faculty of Education, receives a starting grant for his project Temporal Data Mining for Detecting Adverse Events in Healthcare. Head of Archives and Records Office. New publishing tools available To make writing and publishing of scientific texts in different formats easier. Carried out at the end of each summer season at Tarfala. S academics, this course will support you to develop your competence as a teacher of Biology.

New concept for the treatment of cancer A team of researchers from five Swedish universities have identified a new way of treating cancer.Hi there, head of the office of Human Science!Does this communication reveal and construct meaning?


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